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Plane Flips Over After Landing On Rindge, NH Lake

RINDGE, NH (CBS) – A small plane flipped over while landing on Lake Monomonac in Rindge, New Hampshire on Tuesday night.

Two men on board, a 57-year-old and a 22-year-old, suffered only minor injuries.

The Morlock family, who lives on the lake, came outside to watch the plane land on the water.

Thirteen-year-old Wolfgang Morlock and his brother and sister saw the plane hit the water with its wheels hanging down below the pontoons. "It hit the water and the landing gears got caught and it flew up, it got whip-lashed up and it flipped over," Wolfgang told WBZ.

Seaplane crash
A seaplane flipped over after landing on a lake in Rindge, NH (Photo credit Steve Morlock)

A nearby boat rushed to the plane to help get the men out of the water.

When the plane flipped, 40 gallons of fuel spilled into the lake. Booms were placed around the aircraft to contain the spill. The plane will be removed from the lake on Wednesday.

The FAA says it will investigate what caused the Siai-Marchetti SM 1019 Experimental Amphibian aircraft to crash.

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