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Sean Collier Fund Will Support Future Police Officers

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – A new fund, named after Sean Collier, hopes to help young people interested in becoming police officers. The MIT officer was shot and killed by the Boston Marathon bombers.

Collier didn't have enough time to touch lives and save lives as a police officer, but future men and women in law enforcement will carry on that mission and spirit - thanks to the new memorial fund in his name.

"Lots of organizations have set up scholarships for kids who are that passionate about going into law enforcement," Sean's sister Jennifer Lemmerman said. "We're going to be supporting them."

And supporting their families, as well. As Sean's siblings and parents announced their new mission, they spoke of his sympathy and passion for the families of police killed or hurt in the line of duty. No one knows that need like Dic Donohue, Sean's friend and classmate who was shot while in pursuit of the marathon bombers.

"We were unprepared for what happened to me and what happened to all of us after the events of the Boston Marathon bombing," Donohue said. "Any kind of support network that can be in place not just today or tomorrow but in the long run is extremely, extremely important."

Sean's family says it's these efforts, this good work, that keeps them close to the brother and son they loved.

"You never want him to be forgotten," Lemmerman said. "There's some comfort in that people remember him. When it's things like this where people are honoring his memory, that means the world to us."

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