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Owner Of Seacoast Canine In Salisbury Charged With Animal Cruelty

SALISBURY (CBS) - The owner of a dog-sitting, training and grooming business in Salisbury has been charged with animal cruelty.

It's heartbreaking and disturbing video obtained by WBZ-TV that shows a dog being kicked several times at Seacoast Canine, allegedly by the facility's owner 34-year-old Jennifer Ford and brought to the attention of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

"There were allegations of dogs kicked in the stomach, choked, held up against a wall," said Kristen Rickman with PETA.

Another video shows a dog being roughly grabbed by the scruff, dragged into a crate, and then kicked. PETA says it's the ultimate betrayal of trust.

"Dogs are loyal to the end. Animals who have been abused don't understand why someone is hurting them and don't know how to stop it," said Rickman.

According to court documents, reports of the alleged abuse came from three current and former employees. While Ford faces three counts of animal cruelty, they claim the incidents go far beyond that.

She is now free on $5,000 bail after a dangerousness hearing and has been ordered to stay away from Seacoast Canine and any animals that are not her own.

She does have several animals on a property she owns in Byfield which is a concern for PETA. "People who abuse animals rarely do so only once," said Rickman.

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