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Scooper Bowl Kicks Off In Boston Despite Gloomy Weather

BOSTON (CBS) - It's June and baby it's cold and rainy outside, and that's bumming out a lot of people.

In fact Tuesday's high temperature, 52 degrees, ties the record for the lowest high for the date set nearly 100 years ago. And all this rain makes searching for the sun a real challenge.

"I'm not a fan of this," says one high school student in Boston. "I think it's way too cold. It is June 6th!" says another.

Scooper Bowl

And it has rained all six of those June days. To make matters worse, in May we had 19 days of rain. So it was a tough day on City Hall Plaza to kick off the 35th annual Scooper Bowl to benefit the Jimmy Fund.

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"We are here today to officially open the summer season, but you wouldn't know it because summer here comes, I don't know when," Jimmy Fund Chairman Larry Lucchino told the rain-drenched crowd.

Scooper Bowl
Scooper Bowl held on City Hall Plaza (WBZ-TV)

It was a watery scene with puddles as well as ice cream. "I don't really understand what you're talking about. It's beautiful. Any day you can eat unlimited ice cream is a great day," says Dan Schorr from Vice Cream, one of the ice cream companies giving out their tasty treats.

But still, people wearing winter gloves and hooded parkas with umbrellas all around does not make for an inviting season. "It's been pretty lousy weather but it's New England. It's going to be what it is and you've just got to roll with it," says one ice cream aficionado.

And take heart, the Scooper Bowl continues tomorrow and Thursday when the weather is looking better.


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