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Cape Cod Scientists Researching Ways To Forecast Shark Sightings In The Future

PROVINCETOWN (CBS) -- Great white shark researchers on Cape Cod say they may be able to one day forecast shark sightings on our beaches. Scientists at the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy are focused on finding patterns in sharks' eating behaviors and sightings in order to better predict when a shark could be close to shore.

They are using technology like live detection beacons, tagging, and beach cameras to help gather information.

"We all know the events that have occurred over the last several years, it's no secret number of interactions, negative interactions between people and sharks have been increasing so we're really drilling down deeper to try and produce information that's going to be useful for public safety," said Dr. Greg Skomal.

The Conservancy is also launching a shark smart beach program to educate swimmers about shark activity in the area.

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