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'It's A Tough Year': Santa's Helper In Norwood Overwhelmed By Demand

NORWOOD (CBS) – A lot of kids and families have long wish lists this year, which means Santa's helpers are under a lot of pressure. One devoted man in Norwood says while he's never been busier, he considers his work a gift.

"The magic of believing in Santa is so special. I just knew if I did it, it would be forever," said John Dyson of Norwood.

For this longtime Santa's helper, a real go-to guy for the North Pole… his seasonal work is something of a family business. It's tradition. But it's also who he is.

"I'm a big kid. I like that. I like to be like that. If you have that why not give it away? It's a blessing God's given me," he added.

Every Christmas season Santa shares that playful spirit, that magic, and hope - with believers young and old. But this year is different - the requests for visits have been overwhelming, simply too many. Seeing firsthand how the pandemic has impacted families and children has been emotional. He feels more needed than ever before.

"It's a tough year, for a lot of people. I just want to let them know they're loved," he said.

As he makes his list and checks it twice… Santa reminds WBZ some of the greatest gifts don't fit in his red bag. Blessings inside us and all around - if we look for them.

"Look at the glass half full, don't look at it half empty," he said. "Look at what you have and thank God for it. That's all that matters."

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