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Tewksbury teen shot while on vacation in Canada says he'll walk 'eventually'

Teen shot while on vacation in Canada says he'll walk "eventually"
Teen shot while on vacation in Canada says he'll walk "eventually" 02:34

By Courtney Cole, WBZ-TV

BOSTON - For the first time in three months, we're hearing from the teenager from Tewksbury whose entire life changed on a family vacation. In May, Sandrick Jorcelin was severely wounded by a drive-by shooter in Montreal.

"It's been a lot," Jorcelin said in an exclusive interview with WBZ-TV Tuesday at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston.

Rehab is one of the most challenging experiences the 14-year-old has ever had to endure.

Sandrick Jorcelin
Sandrick Jorcelin CBS Boston

"But I'm happy that I got to go through [it] with my family and they were here for me the whole time. They just supported me and never left," Jorcelin said.

"We have seen Sandrick, long way, he's doing amazingly well, being able to actually wheel on his own it's unbelievable!" exclaimed Cindy Printemps, Jorcelin's aunt.

And best friends, Marcus and Kareem, that put a smile on his face, day in and day out.

"No matter how he feels throughout the day, he's still pushing for us and he's just come a long way," Kareem Nofal told WBZ.

"It's all been getting better. Right now, I have mobility in my legs now, I still can't walk-- but like I'm able to move my legs and eventually I'll walk," Jorcelin said with a heart full of faith.

The rising high school freshman said he's grateful for his medical and rehab teams. But, a little help from Hope, his chocolate toy poodle, doesn't hurt either.

"I see her every day so, it's really a big part of my therapy. She's my therapy," Jorcelin said.

The teen was shot in the stomach by a drive-by shooter during a family trip to Montreal in May. His mother was wounded as well, but his uncle didn't survive.

"I'm just going to get well, get better for him, because that's what he would want for me," Jorcelin said.

Right now, he is in a wheelchair and his family has made special renovations at home to allow him to be as independent as possible.

"I feel really excited for him to come back, because then we finally have our older brother to talk to and hang out with and everything can go back to normal," said his little sister Yanah Jorcelin.

But it's his dad, and his determination to walk again, that keeps him going, one day at a time.

"Never give up, because at first I wanted to give up and I didn't and now I'll be walking soon. That's all you need in life, Hope," Jorcelin said.

It's a joyful and emotional time for Sandrick's family. They are all so excited to finally be able to bring him home to Tewksbury.

When he was asked what he's looking forward to when he gets home on Wednesday, he said sharing a room with his little brother.

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