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Ukrainian Church In Jamaica Plain Packs Medical Supplies To Send To War Zone

JAMAICA PLAIN (CBS) -- Ukrainians in the Boston area continue to worry about their loved ones in the war zone and are doing what they can to ease the suffering.

On Saturday, St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Jamaica Plain became a humanitarian aid staging area.

Boxes of medical supplies were sorted and grouped.

"We have amassed over the last few weeks medical supplies to be shipped to Ukraine to help those in need. We are in the final stages of packing up medical supplies," said Jane Yavarow, St. Andrew Ukrainian Church Parish President.

Dozens of volunteers from the church took part in the operation. Many helping out on Saturday still have families in Ukraine who are trying to escape safely. Tonya Borgyamkima says her parents, sister, and nephew just left the country last week after a bomb blew up their backyard.

"It was very scary. The town has tons of bombing. They realized there is no safe place in the whole town.," Borgyamkima said.

But help is on the way, which is why these volunteers don't give up.

In their hearts, all of the people helping wish they could do more. But at least they know they are playing a small, but important role by offering this humanitarian aid. All of these items will be shipped Saturday afternoon to those who need it most.

"They don't have anything," said Borgyamkima. "No clothes, no medicine, no place to live. So this is really very important."

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