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Roslindale Dog OK After Swallowing Entire Wedge Of Brie And Knife

BOSTON (CBS) - A dog from Roslindale underwent emergency surgery last month after she swallowed an entire wedge of brie and a three-inch cheese knife.

Owner Sean Burte said he put the brie and knife onto a coffee table in his home and walked away for just a moment back on Jan. 25 when Bean, a 118-pound female Bull Mastiff, jumped onto the table and swallowed both things whole.

Burte then rushed his dog to Angell Animal Medical Center, where veterinarians confirmed the dog had the knife in her stomach. Fortunately, Bean swallowed the knife handle-first, so she suffered no cuts to her throat or stomach.

"Bean is a very lucky dog because her size, and the position the knife was in when she swallowed it, minimized further damage to her throat and stomach. She did very well throughout the surgery and we're glad to see her recuperating at home," said Dr. Mike Pavletic, head of Angell's surgery department.

Bean the Dog
Bean the dog. (Photo Credit: MSPCA-Angell)

Bean is continuing her recovery back at home in Roslindale.

"It's obviously a very scary moment when you realize that your dog has consumed a knife. I'm very thankful that the 24-7 emergency clinic at Angell was available when we needed it most. Bean is a beloved member of our family and we're just so glad to have her back home," said Burte.


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