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Rory McIlroy Lifts Weights With Tom Brady, Manning Brothers At Augusta

BOSTON (CBS) - Last week a picture circulated around the internet from golfer Rory McIlroy's Facebook page, which showed the four-time major winner with four-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady on the eve of their golf match at Augusta.

But according to CBS Sports' Kyle Porter, Brady wasn't the only future Hall of Fame quarterback McIlroy ran into last weekend.

McIlroy actually lifted weights with Brady and the Manning brothers the next morning inside the Augusta National weight room.

Talk about an all-time foursome!

"Friday morning, I got in the gym about 6. Brady walked in at 6:15, and the Mannings walked in at 6:30. That was my time to leave," McIlroy joked to Porter.

[insert joke here about Brady always being one step ahead, or in this case 15 minutes ahead, of Peyton]

McIlroy later marveled at the work ethic of the three quarterbacks, who literally could be anywhere else in the world on a random offseason Friday morning at 6am.

"I was just surprised he [Brady] was in there; the Mannings, too. It's their offseason. They're so dedicated and committed to what they do, especially those two guys, Peyton and Tom, they're both in their mid-30s and they want to prolong their careers as much as they can."

"To see them putting so much into it even after 15 successful years as a career and they're still doing it -- it was great for me to see, it was inspirational in some ways. ... It was just nice to be in that little world for a couple of days and experience it.''

With the NFL being a year-round sport and organized team activities a little over a month away, Brady and the Manning brothers won't have too many more opportunities to hit the links.

The Sports Hub Golf Club with Hardy starts Saturday, April 11 with its first show of the season . . . Masters weekend! Follow the Golf Club on Twitter @SportsHubGC!


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