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Bertrand: MLB Should Suspend Ron Kulpa

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry was in dire need of some intensity, and they may have gotten it on Friday night.

The ninth inning of Friday night's 3-2 Boston loss featured some fireworks, with both David Ortiz and John Farrell getting ejected for arguing balls and strikes called by umpire Ron Kulpa. Ortiz was livid after a low pitch was called for a strike, and instead of getting a free pass with ball four and walking in the tying run he was now facing a 3-2 count. Kulpa rung up Ortiz on another questionable call the very next pitch, prompting the Sox DH to lose his cool and blow up on Kulpa. Farrell followed suit and they both watched the final out of the game in the locker room.

This is nothing new with Kulpa, who you may remember got into a heated altercation with Red Sox outfielder Carl Everett over balls and strikes back in 2000.

Carl Everett of the Boston Red Sox (L) argues with
Carl Everett of the Boston Red Sox argues with home plate umpire Ronald Kulpa after being ejected from a game on July 15, 2000. Everett was tossed for arguing about being out of the batters box. (Photo Credit: Mark E. Johnson/AFP/Getty Images)

98.5 The Sports Hub's Marc Bertrand was still fired up about the situation to start Monday's Zolak & Bertrand, calling Kulpa an "embarrassment for baseball." Bertrand isn't upset at Kulpa's strike zone, but more so about Kulpa making the game about himself instead of simply doing his job.

"This happens. Umpires get into it with players, act like clowns and get punished for it... Major League Baseball should suspend Ron Kulpa," Beetle said of Kulpa staring down Ortiz. "That was an absolute joke and should piss off baseball fans everywhere. It shouldn't happen in any sports anywhere, where the official has an ego and wants to mix it up with a star player because he wants to have that thrill of doing it."

"You have to make yourself a part of the game and really go after David Ortiz. Is that how you got your thrills on Friday night, Ron Kulpa? What a dumbass that guy is," continued Beetle. "Major League Baseball, step up to the plate and do something about that. You do not want that in your game. You've made steps and suspended guys in previous seasons for similar activities. Do it again."

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