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Ron Borges Defends Rolling Stone's Aaron Hernandez Article On Felger & Mazz

Ron Borges co-authored the Rolling Stone article on Aaron Hernandez that was released this week and has drawn reactions from coast to coast.

Locally, Patriots president Jonathan Kraft said on 98.5 The Sports Hub air that there were several factual inaccuracies in the story. Borges went on Felger & Mazz, with Dan Shaughnessy filling in for Michael Felger, on Friday to stand by the reporting in the story.

Kraft specifically said that Bill Belichick assured him that Aaron Hernandez did not confide in the coach that he felt his life was in danger. Borges said he believed that Belichick told Kraft that statement, but that doesn't mean the coach was telling the truth.

"Well, Bill said he never taped anybody's hand signals," Borges said, referencing SpyGate. "Well he did, didn't he? And then they had the tape, and then the commissioner said he didn't tell the truth, or the commissioner said, 'I don't believe this statement.' That's all I can say."

Borges said the truth will be exposed when those involved with the alleged conversation are called to testify under oath in Hernandez's eventual trial.

"I guess Jonathan Kraft is going to be surprised to find out who helped [Hernandez] find the apartment, but that's for a year from now," Borges said.

Felger & Mazz: Ron Borges On Rolling Stone's Aaron Hernandez Article


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