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Aerosmith, Boston, James Taylor Make Rolling Stone's Top 500 Songs List

BOSTON (CBS) -- Rolling Stone magazine just released an updated version its top 500 songs of all-time, and several musical acts with distinct Massachusetts ties made it onto the list with their signature hits.

Aerosmith, Boston, and James Taylor were among the headliners. Taylor's "Fire and Rain" was ranked 146th, Aerosmith's "Dream On" was placed at 199th, and Boston's "More Than A Feeling" came in at 212th.

The highest ranking musician with Massachusetts ties was Donna Summer, who was born in Boston and raised in the state. Her 1977 hit, "I Feel Love", came in at 52nd.

The Modern Lovers, who were led by Massachusetts-raised Jonathan Richman, also placed a song in the top 100. The band's song "Roadrunner", which was released in 1976, ranked 77th on the list.

The Cars ("Just What I Needed"), The Pixies ("Where Is My Mind"), and Carly Simon ("You're So Vain"), three more musical acts with deep Mass. ties, each had one song on the list as well.

Here's the full list of songs made by artists with strong Massachusetts ties:

  • 52. Donna Summer, "I Feel Love"
  • 77. The Modern Lovers, "Roadrunner"
  • 146. James Taylor, "Fire and Rain"
  • 199. Aerosmith, "Dream On"
  • 212. Boston, "More Than a Feeling"
  • 369. The Cars, "Just What I Needed"
  • 493. The Pixies, "Where Is My Mind"
  • 495. Carly Simon, "You're So Vain"

The entire list from Rolling Stone is available here. The magazine says it was created with help from over 250 artists, writers and producers.

Rolling Stone made their original list of top 500 songs of all-time in 2004. The new list was published on Wednesday.

Aretha Franklin takes over the number one spot with her classic hit "Respect". The 2004 list had Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" ranked number one. It is now ranked fourth.

Here's what the new top 10 list looks like:

  • 1. Aretha Franklin, "Respect"
  • 2. Public Enemy, "Fight the Power"
  • 3. Sam Cooke, "A Change Is Gonna Come"
  • 4. Bob Dylan, "Like a Rolling Stone"
  • 5. Nirvana, "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
  • 6. Marvin Gaye, "What's Going On"
  • 7. The Beatles, "Strawberry Fields Forever"
  • 8. Missy Elliott, "Get Ur Freak On"
  • 9. Fleetwood Mac, "Dreams"
  • 10. Outkast, "Hey Ya!"

Fans noted that there was more pop, hip-hop, R&B, and dance songs in the new list compared to the one released in 2004.

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