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WBZ Exclusive: Dentist Acquitted In Wife's Death Says 'She Was On My Side'

BOSTON (CBS) - After years of suspicion and a lengthy trial, a jury found Princeton dentist Roger Desilets not guilty of killing his wife of more than 40 years.

Since Kathleen Desilets' death five years ago, her husband has not spoken publicly about the night she fell out of a window in their home, but in an exclusive interview with WBZ-TV Chief Investigative Reporter Cheryl Fiandaca, he spoke at length about losing his wife and what the trial has done to his family.

"Did you kill your wife?" Fiandaca asked.

"Of course not," he answered. "I never hurt my wife, ever. Ever."

Desilets became emotional speaking of his wife saying they had 44 good years of marriage. "I miss her. She was with me in court," he said. "She was on my side. She knew what happened."

The 72-year-old Desilets choked back tears and called his wife's death a tragedy. But prosecutors called it manslaughter, claiming on December 6th, 2011, Desilets and his 65-year-old wife violently struggled in the hallway of their Princeton home before he threw or pushed her out of a third floor window.

Kathleen Desilets
Kathleen Desilets

According to lead defense attorney Edward Ryan, prosecutors didn't have a case. "The physical evidence did not support that Roger, in any way, had a hand in his wife's death," he said.

The legal team, which Desilets called his dream team, told jurors the night Kathleen died, she was intoxicated and had taken prescription drugs. They also described forensic evidence that was not consistent with being pushed or thrown out the window.

Desilets says he never got a chance to grieve for his wife and he believes the criminal charges damaged his relationship with his daughters, who have publicly stated they believe their father is guilty.

Choking up again, he said he is still their father. "And I miss my grandchildren," he said.

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