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Alabama Man On Mission To Mow Lawns Across US Gets Noticed By Patriots

BOSTON (CBS) - An Alabama man is getting the attention of the New England Patriots, for cutting someone's lawn.

Rodney Smith Jr. is on a mission to help the elderly, veterans, the disabled and the needy by giving them a hand with yard work. For years, he's traveled the country cutting lawns in all 50 states.

He just completed his ninth tour and Foxboro was one of his stops. That's where he met 97-year-old Josephine King-Miller. The WWII veteran worked on computers and was stationed in Washington. When the Patriots heard of the good deed, they gave Smith a call.

"They said they wanted to say thank you by sending me a gift bag," Smith said. "I also received a letter from them saying that what we're doing was great for the community. I was very grateful for that."

Smith runs Raising Men Lawn Care Service, a non-profit that encourages boys and girls to help their neighbors in need by mowing their lawn. So far, more than 1,200 kids in eight countries have participated in the challenge.

"My message to everyone is there are many ways to make a difference. I've simply chosen a lawnmower to make a difference with," Smith said. "Whatever your gift, whatever your talent is, whatever you're good at, find a way to use that to give back to your community. Spread positivity, because the world needs more kindness."

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