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Roche: Turning The Page To Game 5

DETROIT (CBS) - Just a few thoughts to pass along as we look back on ALCS Game 4 and get ready for Game 5 on Thursday night:

--You have to feel for both Jake Peavy and Dustin Pedroia. Peavy was so excited to pitch in this series and had as bad an outing as he's had in a while. Meanwhile, the Gold Glove winning Pedroia had a bit of a rough night with the glove. Both owned up to it after the game, as you would expect. The good news is Pedroia can erase the memory right away. The bad news, Peavy may not have the chance.

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-- People are wondering if Shane Victorino was trying to send a message or something to Jose Iglesias when he tried to throw the rookie out at first on a base hit to right, a play on which Iglesias busted his butt to get to first. I don't think so, but what I do know is that the veterans that were brought here by Ben Cherington took a lot of pride in showing the younger guys how to play the game the right way -- how to be a big leaguer and how to act like a big leaguer both on and off the field. The vets also took great pride in doing that too.

-- John Farrell may tinker a bit with his lineup tonight, but nothing as dramatic as Jim Leyland's switch up for Game 4. You would think we may see Gomes back in left, and Xander Bogaerts may be inserted for either the struggling Stephen Drew or Will Middlebrooks. It's a tough call, as we've seen how important loyalty is in these series.

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-- It's always interesting to watch rematches on the mound in a series too. Something different always happens, and I wonder what that will be in Lester vs. Sanchez tonight after both were so good in Game 1.

-- Momentum shifts seem to be bigger for the fans than the players. After Game 3, Sox fans were trying to make travel plans for St. Louis or L.A. to get ready for a World Series. After Game 4, Sox fans are worried their season is over while Tiger fans are thinking of a World Series.

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