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Roche: Key For Red Sox Is To Keep Winning Series

BOSTON (CBS) - It can be a bit overwhelming when looking at all 162-games that go with an MLB regular season, but there are several ways to break down it all down.

The players prefer the "one game, one inning, one out at a time" method. Red Sox fans seemingly break it down game-by-game, and as Curt Schilling stated, each Sox game now seems like an NFL game; the importance of 1-of-162 has gone way, way up.

Myself, I like to look at it series-by-series. I think if you can consistently win series after series, a team is setting themselves up to have a good season.

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In 2013, the Red Sox are 7-3 in their 10 series so far. If they keep up the pace for the remaining 20 series of the season, they will, without question, make the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

To break it down even further, think about this:

--The Red Sox finished April 18-8, 10 games above .500.

-- If they then play .500 ball the rest of the way, they would finish at 91-71 and in line to make the postseason.

It's amazing when you look at it that way. A team can be a .500 team for five months and make the playoffs. That's how fine a line it is.

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The Red Sox were just swept for the first time this season at the hands of the Texas Rangers, one of three teams in baseball with a 20-11 record (including the Red Sox). It's never a good thing to get swept, but as long as Boston keeps winning series on a consistent basis, we'll get more than those 162 games on the schedule.

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