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Roche: Blue Jays Are A Joke For 'Retaliation' On Kevin Youkilis

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Blue Jays should probably feel lucky that the Red Sox had to leave town following the Jays' win on Sunday.

If Boston had stayed, there may have been some big-time retribution for what they did to Kevin Youkilis.

Major League Baseball should step in to reprimand or fine the Toronto Blue Jays. It's ridiculous.

Daniel Bard is a mess right now. The kid with the golden arm can't throw a strike. In just 1 2/3 innings Sunday, Bard gave up just one hit. However, he allowed five runs because he walked six -- that's right -- six! Bard also hit two Blue Jay batters. So, in getting just 5 outs, Bard issued eight free passes along the way. Bard threw 55 pitches -- 31 balls and only 24 strikes. A brutal ratio.

The Blue Jays beat Bard and the Sox 5-1. Good for them. They took advantage of Bard's wildness thanks to Jose Bautista's three-run homer and some good pitching.

However, what the Jays also did in this one was ridiculous.

As I mentioned, the erratic Bard hit two Toronto batters -- Yunel Escobar and Edwin Encarnacion. Both were unfortunate victims of his wildness(however, both need to learn how to turn away from inside pitches). Sorry to see them, and for that matter, anyone get hit. I hope they are both OK.

But, what angers me about Sunday was what the Blue Jays did in response to the two hit batsmen.

Instead of understanding how wild and awful Bard was, the Blue Jays did something totally stupid and uncalled for: they retaliated.

Now, let me first state that a good part of the unwritten rules of hitting guys in baseball is a joke, but it's been part of the game for years. I accept that. But, what we saw Sunday was completely uncalled for.

Jays starter Drew Hutchison hit Kelly Shoppach and Kevin Youkilis ... on purpose.


Retaliation for Bard hitting two batters? Really? Really? You've got to be kidding me.

It was so bad that when Youk got hit near the head (on top of his shoulder) he had to point to his hip, meaning to at least hit him down low if he was going to purposely take that pitch. He could have easily been hit in the head. Luckily, he wasn't.

And then, Francisco Cordero threw up and in at Youk in the eighth. Why?

These Jays should know better. John Farrell is one of the best and brightest minds in the game. He knows Bard was wild. He knows Bard had zero idea where the ball was going. And, he sits by and watches Youk get drilled and thrown at again? Suspend him. Same goes for Hutchinson and Cordero.

And, why didn't the umpires step in and stop it? They could see what happened.

Will it take someone to get killed for all this throwing at people's heads to stop? It's dangerous. And it has to stop.

I can only say that I hope that this is the end of it. Before it's too late.

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