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Robert Kraft airs ad urging fans to speak out against antisemitism during Sunday's Patriots-Jets game

BOSTON -- With an increase in antisemitic rhetoric over the last few weeks, Patriots owner Robert Kraft and The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism are asking everyone to step up and speak out against the hate speech.

Kraft and the foundation -- which is part of The Kraft Group -- aired a 30 second ad early in the second quarter of Sunday's Patriots-Jets game, urging everyone to speak out against antisemitism. 

"Antisemitism is hate. Hate against Jews. For being Jewish," the ad reads against an all black backdrop. "Recently many of you have spoken up. We hear you today. We must hear you tomorrow. 

"There are less than 8 million Jewish people in this country. Fewer than are watching this game. They need you to add your voice," the ad continues, before closing with the hashtag, #StandUpToJewishHate.

#StandUpToJewishHate: It Is Hate by [tbh] Together Beat Hate on YouTube

According to The Kraft Group's website, The Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism "catalyzes dynamic new solutions to stop the age-old hatred advanced by those who seek the elimination of Judaism and the Jewish people and the modern movement to destroy the world's only Jewish State. The foundation focuses on positively impacting attitudes of young people around the world, leveraging social media to deliver educational campaigns and spur action by people of all backgrounds."

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