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Rob Lowe Wishes He Could Imitate Bill Belichick When Talking To The Media

BOSTON (CBS) -- Rob Lowe is a very successful actor. He's been a very successful actor for more than 30 years. He seemingly has it all. But that doesn't stop him from envying the head football coach in Foxboro -- at least in one specific area.

Speaking with the "Pardon My Take" podcast in an interview that aired last week, Lowe revealed that he'd truly love to be able to speak to the media the way Bill Belichick does.

"If I thought the entertainment community and the public generally really could understand Bill Belichick on sight, I absolutely was going to do the next red carpet as Belichick," Lowe said amid a conversation about "Football Guys."

"I would love to get away with what he gets away with," Lowe added.

Lowe gave an imaginary scenario, where a reporter asks him about his show being canceled.

'Code Black just got canceled, how do you feel about that?!'

I make the show. I don't program it. I'm on to the next show.

The 54-year-old actor said during the interview that he considers himself a fan of both the Patriots and the Colts, and he didn't seem to believe he could actually pull this off. But he can still dream.

"It'd be so great to do a press conference a la Bill Belichick," he said. "Oh my God."

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