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RMV Fraud Suspects Accused Of Taking Road Tests In Place Of Bad Drivers

SOUTHBRIDGE (CBS) - Investigators in Massachusetts are trying to figure out just how widespread a scheme may be involving impostors taking driving tests for others.

It happened at least one time and police fear there could many be more cases.

Police say a woman captured on surveillance video could be the key to solving the illegal operation involving bogus licenses.

Investigators say a clerk at a Southbridge RMV office got suspicious after the woman completed a driver's test and then took off after being questioned.

"She ran out of the building, jumped into a car and fled the scene," said Massachusetts State Police Trooper Richard Frigon.

Police say the woman in the video was taking the driving test for a woman identified as Doreen Adutwumwaa of Worcester. Court records show Adutwumwaa failed more than half a dozen previous attempts. She has been arrested but she is not revealing the identity of the impostor who took the test for her.

Three men have also been charged for assisting in the crime. They have been identified as Asare Emmanuel, Joseph Ampiah and Ernest Mante, all of Worcester.

"It's always a concern that it's happened more and other places in the state," said Trooper Frigon.

Investigators aren't sure how many times the scheme has taken place, but they've documented at least nine other possible incidents. Not only is it illegal, but it's dangerous.

"We're going to have a real bad driver on the road and there may be a crash," said Trooper Frigon. "They shouldn't be on the road in the first place."

Trooper Frigon believes the woman in the video, whom they have not been able to track down, could help investigators figure out how many times the scheme has been attempted, and if it has worked.


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