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Richard Sherman, LeGarrette Blount Engage In Twitter Fight Over Who Is NFL's Best Cornerback

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's not exactly breaking news to say that Richard Sherman believes he is the best cornerback in football. He's made that much clear over the past couple of years, from posting "U Mad Bro?" memes after beating Tom Brady to blowing up in Erin Andrews' face on live TV after advancing to the Super Bowl. The guy thinks he's tops.

While Sherman is no doubt a very good cornerback, and while the case could be made that he's the best, still not everyone agrees.

One such dissenter is LeGarrette Blount. The free agent running back has spent most of his career with Aqib Talib as a teammate, including two years in Tampa Bay and this past season in New England. Blount has gained an appreciation of Talib's play at cornerback, which prompted him to tweet some well wishes to his friend for signing a big-money deal in Denver this week.


This tweet must have set off the alarms in Sherman's house, an alarm that sounds every time the words "best" and "corner" are juxtaposed in the same sentence.

"It's all good," Sherman tweeted to Blount upon learning of the running back's opinion, rationalizing it as such: "Hard to argue with friendship."

Oh no, Blount assured Sherman. The opinion is not based on friendship.

"He's the best bruh," Blount responded (though I question the sincerity of the brotherhood assumed with the use of the word "bruh"). "I've seen what he does to WR/TE in person and I'm sure you have too. Friendship aside he's the best."

Hearing this obviously made Sherman start to squirm, and -- as they say -- it was on.

"I've seen it .... And done it ...." Sherman replied, adding the ellipses to keep us all on the edges of our seats.

"I've seen you do it and he has too," replied Blount, sharpening his knife. "But he do it on both sides. He follow the best receiver on the field every game and strap him."

Blount there was mentioning the fact that Sherman only stays on one side of the field, whereas Talib will play heads-up on the other team's best receiver, no matter where that may be.

Sherman remained unimpressed.

"I just totally lock down one!" Sherman replied. "And [I] pick off passes that come over there.... Rarely ever giving up need to follow."

Sherman, ever on the quest to let everyone in the world know that he is indeed the best and there is no room for debate, started responding to fans who joined the spirited debate.

"Aqib is better lockdown corner," one fan tweeted at the duo. "When Jimmy Graham can't get a completion... Come on."

To this, the Stanford-educated Sherman offered a nuanced reply: "hahahaha."

Getting back to the covering-just-one-side-of-the-field topic, Blount argued still that what Talib does is simply more impressive.

"That one you lock down isn't always the best receiver on the team though," Blount said. "Follow the best receiver every game and do it."

Seemingly tired of the debate, which looked like it could rage on for days without a resolution, Sherman pointed to the scoreboard.

"Did that help y'all win the bowl or nah?" Sherman wrote.

I imagine Sherman looked like this after hitting the "Send Tweet" button on that one.

Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The answer there, obviously, is "nah," as the Patriots lost in the AFC Championship Game to Denver, due in large part to Talib suffering an injury in the first half and being unable to return to the game. Meanwhile, Sherman and his Seahawks dismantled the Broncos in the Super Bowl, making Sherman a champion and forever giving him the ultimate trump card.

Who's the real winner in this whole argument? Well, Blount made the stronger points, but Sherman probably feels victorious after dropping the Super Bowl line.

Ultimately though, we're all losers, because unfortunately this discussion happened via the typed word, not on camera. Frankly, I think we all could have used another Muppet interpretation of Sherman popping off.

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