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MBTA Transit Police Sgt. Donohue, Wounded In 2013 Watertown Shootout, To Retire

BOSTON (CBS) -- MBTA Transit Police Sgt. Richard "Dic" Donohue, who was critically injured in a shootout with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects in April 2013, announced his retirement Tuesday.

"Following my injury, I committed myself to returning to active service in the department," Donohue, 36, said in a statement. "It took nearly two years to accomplish that goal, fighting through pain and limitations, but I had a lot of help from some amazing doctors, my family, and my fellow officers. I did not want it to be taken from me without a fight."

"Unfortunately, I must now acknowledge the extent of my injuries and limitations. Physically, I cannot perform at 100 percent and must do what is right for myself, my co-workers, and my department. Therefore, I will step away from the job that I love so much."

Richard "Dic" Donohue. (Photo Credit - MBTA Transit Police)

Donohue reportedly suffers from near-constant pain resulting from his injuries, making it impossible for him to continue his duties.

He added that he is very proud to have served as an MBTA Transit Police Officer.

"If I had a choice, I would continue to serve as a police officer for decades to come, but those were not the cards I was dealt," he said.

Donohue was shot in Watertown on April 19, 2013, as police pursued Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Though he suffered nearly fatal blood loss, Donohue was rushed to Mt. Auburn Hospital and received more than 40 units of blood to save his life.

"I am forever grateful to my fellow first responders and the doctors who saved my life," he said. "There are too many to list, but they each have a special place in my heart."

He returned to the force in March 2015, and was promoted to Sergeant two months later. In April 2015, when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was given a death sentence, Donohue called the verdict a "bittersweet victory."

Donohue will serve as an adjunct professor teaching criminal justice at a local college, and also as a board member and ambassador for the American Red Cross, with which he has been very active since the bombings. He will also speak at a police academy graduation in February, a law enforcement conference in March, and a WINx Chicago talk later in 2016.

In November, Donohue and his wife Kim announced they were expecting a second child, due this April. The Donohues, including 3-year-old son Richie, live north of Boston.

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