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Rich Keefe's Olympic Minute: Canada Crying Conspiracy Over U.S. Ice Dancing Win

BOSTON (CBS) - It was the United States' first gold medal win in Olympic ice dancing history, but our neighbors to the north think the judges got it wrong.

"Some of you don't think it's a real sport," said Rich Keefe Tuesday night. "But they hand out medals for it, so whatever."

Canada finished second and this did not sit well with one sports talk host in Toronto by the name of Sid Seixeiro, who called the win "the most corrupt thing I've seen since The Godfather Part II."

"Sid is fired up," joked Keefe.

But apparently Sid is not alone is his skepticism. Other athletes in the ice dancing community are coming out in support of the jilted Canadians.

Listen below for the full Olympic Minute:

Keefe's Olympic Minute


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