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Rich Goes To The Movies: 'Anchorman 2' And A Schwarzenegger Sequel

This week is a week of sequels, there are sequels being announced and sequels hitting screens.

Rich started things off with some news surrounding an announcement Will Ferrell made the other night on Conan. The comedic actor came on and announced that there will indeed be an Achorman 2.

The guys discussed whether or not the same cast members have been signed on to the project.

There's also a sequel to an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie in the works and it's probably not one people want a sequel to. It's called "Triplets" and it's the sequel to "Twins," but he's the twist Eddie Murphy is the third.

On to movies hitting screens this weekend is "Wrath of the Titans." Rich said that this film is just a "loud pile of trash" with no plot to speak of.

They also took a listen to a new song from Mike "Behind the Mic" about his day at "Cuts For A Cause" and once again he just nails it.

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