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Revere School Leaders, Pastor Resign After Possible Indecent Exposure Incidents

REVERE (CBS) -- A pastor, principal and teacher have resigned following three potential indecent exposure incidents by a worker at a Catholic school in Revere, the Boston Archdiocese said Tuesday.

The incidents occurred during the school day in a boy's bathroom at the Immaculate Conception School over the past month and a half, the Archdiocese said in a statement. The worker was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by the Archdiocese "upon first learning of this news during the past few days."

"The pastor, principal and a teacher have resigned their positions due to their failure to report these possible incidents in a timely manner," the Archdiocese said.

The boy's bathroom is for the use of students only. The school is planning a private meeting with parents in the next few days.

"When it comes to the safety of our children, there can be no breakdown in following well established and effective policies," the archdiocese said. "When mistakes are made we must hold ourselves accountable."

The Archdiocese did not provide any details about the worker.

"We are grateful that the pastor, principal and teacher have accepted responsibility," the archdiocese said. "This is not a reflection of their entire professional and ministerial careers."

Parents told WBZ-TV's Jim Smith that they are upset the school waited so long to tell them about the incident.

"So you knew six weeks ago and we're finding out yesterday? That's ridiculous," parent Rick Walsh said.

One woman said she is not rushing to judgement.

"He probably had to go to the bathroom. It's a bunch of bull. We've known this guy for I don't know how long. We've given him Christmas presents," said Jennie Cataldo, an Immaculate Conception School parent said.

The Suffolk District Attorney's office said Revere Police detectives and Suffolk prosecutors have begun an investigation, but have not charged anyone as of Tuesday night.


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