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Social Media Fame For Woman Who Reviewed Eyeliner After Car Crash

REVERE (CBS) - It all started with a selfie of Shelby Pagan that went viral.

The car accident victim took the picture in a hospital emergency room and posted it on Instagram as reassurance of her condition to family and friends on social media.

But it wasn't the neck brace and facial injuries that got noticed.

eyeliner review
The selfie gone viral. (Photo credit: Shelby Pagan)

"I said I had been in an accident and that everything is okay.  Then everybody started commenting on my makeup," Pagan tells WBZ-TV.

It was the Kat Von D eyeliner that got noticed because it hadn't smudged through all the tears after being hit from behind on the highway, though the masacara wasn't looking as good.

Pagan decided to write a review on the company's website and the headline said it all, "I was in a car accident and my eyeliner didn't budge."

"I wrote that I made it through the accident, it's a good product and I posted the picture to solidify that and forgot about it."

She forgot about it until two days ago when her cellphone started buzzing in the middle of the night.

The review had been discovered and tagged on twitter.

Revere Shelby Pagan eyeliner review car crash
Shelby Pagan. (Photo: Beth Germano/WBZ-TV)

"All of a sudden hundreds of people retweeted it and I was watching it.  I couldn't believe what was going on," she said.

The post became a social media sensation that's been retweeted more than 206,000 times and has more than 500,000 likes.

Pagan also went from about 1,000 followers on Instagram to 12,000.

"It's kind of comical. Somebody said I was doing the Lord's work," she said.

She said she's also heard from old high school friends that she's famous in other parts of the country.

With three pets of her own, she says the eyeliner was a deliberate choice with no animal testing.  Pagan is also a nurse and volunteer firefighter, but might see a new opportunity.

"It might be nice to be one of those beauty influencers on the internet and try products.  May the next one I can wear through a typhoon or something!" she said.

For now, she's been propelled to viral fame.

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