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Busy day on Revere Beach as hot weather returns

Revere Beach packed ahead of Memorial Day weekend
Revere Beach packed ahead of Memorial Day weekend 01:50

REVERE - The sun was shining on Revere Beach Wednesday with not a cloud in the sky. "I'm laughing because I'm supposed to be at work," one man joked.

I'm sure his boss will understand that you have to take advantage of a picturesque day.

Just take it from these two friends packing up from a beach day. "It just lifts your spirits, and it just makes you feel great," Shirley Longo told WBZ-TV.

Revere Beach
Revere Beach on May 22, 2024 CBS Boston

What a welcomed change! The weeks of rain and overcast skies can put a damper on your mood - especially if Revere Beach is your front yard.

"Let me tell you. We were very depressed this last month because we come here all the time and we love to sit outside," said longtime Revere Beach resident, Margie Alberti. "That's what bothered me about the rain. We couldn't come to Santorini."

The warm-up and sun are great for the restaurants along Revere Beach. "It's really good for business. The good weather, especially by the beach, brings all the people," the owner of Santorini said.

"Hopefully it stays peaceful"  

But the heat can sometimes attract the wrong type of crowds. This time last year, violence erupted near the bandstand with police responding to a stabbing and shootings.

Alberti is looking on the brighter side. "Yeah, the kids were bothersome, but they haven't been around so hopefully it stays peaceful," she said.

"I was super excited," Keon Adams said. "I couldn't wait to take my boy out so he can enjoy the weather and have some fun."

All you can do is a happy dance for the sun... and hope it sticks around! 

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