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Retirement Myth #2: Mom And Dad Are Going To Leave Their Money To Me

BOSTON (CBS) - The reality is there may not be much money left to inherit.

And the worst case scenario is that you may be helping mom and dad financially because they are living much longer. And their wealth may be consumed by medical or long term care costs or they suffered setbacks in the stock market or real estate market in the last 10 years and have not recovered.

Today's retirees are wealthier than previous generations and the media has been reporting for years that there is mega money coming, the greatest intergenerational wealth transfer.

According to a Metlife and AARP study there are $8 trillion dollars to be inherited. And Boomers have already received over $2.4 trillion so of the $6 trillion left who will actually get the money?

It will be distributed unevenly much like the wealth in the US. Most of it will go to the very wealthy. The study estimated that two-thirds of Boomer households will receive some inheritance over their lifetimes, with a median amount of $64,000.

Among those receiving inheritances, high-wealth households can expect to receive substantially more — an average of $1.5 million for those in the top 10% compared with $27,000 for those in the bottom 10%.

So you can reasonably assume you may inherit money from your parents but the reality is it will not be very much. $64,000! I know is not chicken feed but let's make some assumptions here.

You didn't save very much because you were banking (pun intended) on mom & dad. So you have Social Security for you and your spouse of $40,000. You have some savings which amount to $50,000 and your house which still has a mortgage and some school loans for the kids. Oh and the $64,000.

You review your budget and to maintain your lifestyle you will need $55,000 a year. You will deplete all of your savings and the inheritance in about 8 years!

You need Plan B. Start to save for retirement now.

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