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Reporting From Rome: Americans Have Already Made History

ROME (CBS) - Just wrapping up our first full day in Rome. And today the Cardinals made news. They voted to begin the conclave on Tuesday, March 12. Between now and then, the Cardinals will continue their meetings and getting to know one another.

Photos: WBZ-TV in Rome

Once the conclave actually begins, they will vote on the next pope. But there's no other talking--just voting. So the Cardinals have to have some idea who they believe can best lead the church. Over the past six conclaves it has taken--on average--1.8 days to choose a pope. But everyone I have spoken with today seems to think this could take more time because there is no clear front-runner.

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Even before the conclave begins, the Americans have made history. An American pope has never been a consideration before. Now, long a shot as it may be, Cardinal Sean O'Malley and Cardinal Dolan from New York are mentioned as possible choices. We met a woman from Northboro today who is in Rome at the end of a pilgrimage. She has been following in Pope John Paul II's footsteps and, she says, praying for Cardinal Sean the whole time.

While it's snowing in Boston, it is raining in Rome. And it is definitely time for dinner!

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