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Report: Terry Francona 'Mildly Offended' Red Sox Held 2007 Reunion Without Him

BOSTON (CBS) -- Last Sunday at Fenway Park, the Boston Red Sox welcomed back members of the 2007 World Series-winning team for a 10-year reunion and celebration.

The very next day, Terry Francona and the Indians rolled into town.

The proximity of events did not go unnoticed by many, and it led some to question why the Red Sox didn't just wait one more day so that Francona -- the manager of that '07 club -- could partake.

And, well, it seems as though Francona himself might be in that group.

A brief note in Dan Shaughnessy's Monday column for The Boston Globe said that Francona "was mildly offended that the Red Sox held their 2007 championship reunion at Fenway one day before the Indians got to town."

Shaughnessy co-wrote a book with Francona, so suffice it to say the information here is reliable.

Francona guided the Red Sox to two World Series titles, including the breaking of an 86-year championship drought in 2004. Yet his tenure with the team ended sourly, with Francona alleging that the team leaked an inaccurate story about Francona's use of pain medication.

Francona did appear in 2012 -- not long after he lost his job with the Red Sox -- at a 100th anniversary celebration of Fenway Park. Yet, as evidenced by the latest scheduling of events, it's clear that Francona's relationship with Red Sox management is likely to remain complicated.

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