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Report: NFL Coaches Frightened By What Tom Brady And Patriots Might Do This Season

BOSTON (CBS) -- You might have heard by now that QB1 on the Patriots' depth chart is back to work. It's a development that has coaches around the league shaking in their boots.

Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman talked to a number of folks around the NFL, and they don't sound too happy to see Tom Brady returning to work.

One unnamed AFC defensive coach told Freeman, "Thanks to Roger Goodell, Tom Brady is going to kill us all."

An NFC defensive coach said, "This Tom Brady scares the [expletive] out of me."

Freeman himself said, "People around football expect the Patriots to go on a run. An impressive run. One where the Patriots win seven straight or eight of their next nine. Something like that. They think Brady wants Goodell to be forced to hand him the Lombardi Trophy following another Super Bowl win."

He concluded: "The NFL is nervous. It should be."

The league will get its first look at Brady on Sunday afternoon in Cleveland. Based on this report, Browns defensive coaches may be running around in a panic at this very moment.

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