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Rep Confirms That Guyer Clinic Sent Drugs To Peyton Manning's Wife

BOSTON (CBS) --When Al Jazeera released its documentary in December, and when the key source of the information recanted his story on camera, most of America simply wrote off the report as false. Peyton Manning was praised for his "strong denials" of the report, and so it was summarily dismissed.

Now, however, Manning's own hired representative has confirmed the central piece of information to The Washington Post: drugs were shipped to Manning's house under his wife Ashley's name.

As part of an investigative report into Al Jazeera's documentary, Will Hobson and Justin Wm. Moyer wrote the following:

"The story Sly said he made up contained at least a bit of truth, though: The Guyer Institute did ship medication to Ashley Manning, [Ari] Fleischer confirmed."

Fleischer is the former White House press secretary hired by Manning to handle the public relations fallout of the Al Jazeera documentary.

Toucher & Rich welcomed's Michael Hurley onto Friday's show to discuss the development.

"Manning has never once denied that the Guyer Institute shipped medication to his house. He just made the claim that it was for his wife," Hurley said. "And all along, as long as you could get over the fact that Al Jazeera reported it, the story wasn't 'Is it true? Is this guy lying?' The story was, 'Do you believe Ashley Manning was taking HGH, or do you believe it was actually for Peyton?' And that's what the crux of it was.

"And now even if you were questioning the source being Al Jazeera, Ari Flesicher confirmed it, that it was shipped from the Guyer Institute to Ashley Manning," Hurley continued. "So it's up to you now if you want to believe that Ashley Manning was rocking the HGH or whether it was for the man recovering from neck surgeries."

Essentially, those who summarily dismissed the Al Jazeera report now need to reevaluate their opinion.

"Ari Fleischer confirmed that the Guyer clinic shipped drugs to the Manning household to Ashley Manning," Hurley said. "Was she taking the drugs? We don't know, I don't know, just like we don't know the specifics of a lot of cases that come down to that. But Ari Fleischer confirmed it, so nobody can ever say, 'Well it's Al Jazeera, we can't trust them, they're not an American network,' and all the other racist, ignorant crap people have thrown at Al Jazeera because they're not ABC News or something. So anyone who dismissed that report out of hand can no longer do it, because Manning's own crisis manager confirmed the crux of the report."

Listen to the full discussion below:

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