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Red Sox Selling Potential World Series Tickets, And They Are Quite Pricey

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Red Sox may make the World Series. They may not. In the meantime, the team is putting tickets up for sale on Friday morning, just in case the Sox pull off two straight victories in Houston this weekend.

While the sale of tickets for a series that hasn't been secured just yet may cause the most superstitious of fans to break into a cold sweat, the sale is likely a necessary step, just in case Fenway Park has to host Game 1 on Tuesday night. (The Red Sox would get home-field advantage if they reach the World Series to face the Braves; if they reach the World Series and face the Dodgers, then Game 1 would be in Los Angeles.)

The real interesting part of this story, then, is the price tag accompanying the World Series tickets. As one might expect, the prices are quite high for the games that would be at Fenway Park. Here's the price list:

Field Box (17-70, Rows A-E): $556
Field Box (17-70, Rows F-M): $531
Field Box (9-16, 71-82): $506
Green Monster: $501
Loge Box (103-155): $481
Loge Box (98-102, 157-165): $431
Pavilion Box: $431
Baseline Lower Box: $431
Baseline Upper Box: $426
Right Field Lower Box: $421
Right Field Upper Box: $411
Right Field Roof Box: $401
Right Field Roof Terrace: $401
Sam Deck Tables: $401
Infield Grandstand (13-27, Rows 1-10): $366
Infield Grandstand (13-27, Rows 11-19): $351
Infield Grandstand (11-12, 28-31, Rows 1-10: $346
Infield Grandstand (11-12, 28-31, Rows 11-18): $336
Baseline Grandstand Upper: $331
Baseline Grandstand Lower: $321
Right Field Tavern: $321
Outfield Grandstand (1-10, 32-33, Rows 1-10: $311
Outfield Grandstand (1-10, 32-33, Rows 11-18): $301
Bleachers (40-43, Rows 1-19: $231
Pavilion Reserved: $221
Sam Deck Barstools: $221
Bleachers (34-38, Rows 1-26; 39-43, Rows 20-45): $206
Upper Bleachers: $186
Standing Room: $151

That is, quite obviously, a lot of cake. But World Series games apparently bring World Series prices. And if the Red Sox pull off victories in Games 6 and 7, then people will surely be dropping a whole lot of cash to see it in person.

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