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Fans Buzz Around Fenway Park After World Series Win

BOSTON (CBS) - Fans buzzed around Fenway Park the day after a World Series win.

Bud Larievy considers this his 70th birthday present. "It's very special in honor of all of Boston, in honor of all of Red Sox Nation, but also my family as well," he said.

With family members coming to see the Sox since the early 1940's, he considers himself a fan since birth, and he isn't alone.

"Ever since I was a little kid started watching baseball. It's the team to be a fan of I love them to death always will be," Brandon Farnsworth added.

Brandon Farnsworth
Brandon Farnsworth (WBZ-TV)

A moment in history, Anne McGhee had to capture. "Today, I happened to have a canvas in the car and there was a parking space so I'm trying to capture the new banner. I'm just grabbing the day, carpe diem," she explained.

Red Sox Nation had two things on their to-do lists Monday. Come see the World Series 2018 Championship banner and gear up.

Some though, struggling a bit after this series. "We're all kind of tired this is what it is to live in Boston now. We are winning all the time we are up all the time. Tonight we got Monday Night Football, tomorrow the Celtics, it's just another day in Boston," Bill Jarry said.

Truly the title town.

Anne McGhee's canvas
Anne McGhee had to capture the moment the banner was put up. (WBZ-TV)

"It's awesome we are running out of space to put those banners up I don't know what they will do after next year," J.D. Mangrum said.

However, it's not being taken for granted.

"It's just a tortured history and now to see it's good times I thought last night about Ted Williams and he played twenty something years and never had this moment and all the people. Blood sweat and tears never had this and now we have it it's pretty cool," Mangrum added.

"How cool to be from this town," his wife, Natalie, said.

World Series Championship Gear
Red Sox Championship gear (WBZ-TV)

Fans believe this is one of the most special teams in Red Sox history and plan to give them the welcome home, of a lifetime.

"Welcome home! We are glad to have you guys back! Go Sox World Series champs!" Farnsworth said.

"Congratulations! Love you guys!" Carmen Daley said.

"Another championship. Another win. Fire up the duck boats!" Jarry added.

The Red Sox players will get on those duck boats for a parade Wednesday morning at 11 where the fans cheer them on.

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