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'He Embraced This City': Fans Celebrate David Ortiz's Election To Hall Of Fame

BOSTON (CBS) – A beloved Boston legend has officially played his way into the Hall of Fame. Fans outside Fenway Tuesday night say David Ortiz was the gift that kept on giving.

"We seem to embrace our players here. And if they embrace us, they'll forever be immortal in this town," said Joe Addesa.

"So many clutch hits in the playoffs, the World Series. I can't even go by a top 20 never mind a top 10," said Darren Kaplan.

Big Papi was back home when he received the thrilling news. He's just the fourth player from the Dominican Republic to be inducted.

"He comes from the Dominican Republic, that's where my mom's from. It's amazing to know somebody from a Caribbean Island is making it. It's just awesome," said Glorimar Perez proudly.

From the highest highs, to darkest lows, David Ortiz celebrated and grieved right here with us. It's his character that already made him a hall of famer in Boston hearts.

"I don't judge people based on their accomplishments on a diamond or a court, the ice. I base it on who you are as a human being and how you act with others. He's a top-notch human being. They're appreciating him for what he did on the field. I appreciate him for who he was and is," said Joe Addesa.

"Always remembering where he came from. Never forgetting the Boston fans and the love he has for the city. He always making sure we're first. Always comes back with a win for us. We definitely appreciate it and congratulations to him," said fan Beatrice Fleurme.

"He embraced this city and we embraced him. That will never go away," Addesa added.

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