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Red Sox Fan 'A Little Embarrassed' After Taking Foul Ball Off Forehead At Fenway Park

BOSTON (CBS) – Many fans dream of getting a foul ball at a Red Sox game, but not the way Rob Redman of Fairhaven did. It was a painful experience when he took the ball off his forehead.

Despite the embarrassment, he says it was a trip to Fenway he will never forget. It all started with a Fenway Frank.

"So we were eating hot dogs and my brother takes his glove off. He goes 'look out!'" Redman said.

Redman was seated along the left field line when Xander Bogaerts hit a foul ball his way.

Rob Redman
Rob Redman holds the ball that hit him in the forehead at Fenway Park (Image credit Rob Redman)

"And then it just keeps coming down and down. I swear it was going to hit like four rows behind me," Redman said. "But at the end it seemed to be curving and obviously, I missed it."

It's a blow to the head that could have ended badly, but he had other concerns.

"I wasn't lightheaded at all. The first thing that I said to my brother was 'did you get the ball?'"

Which eventually they did, when an Astros player tossed it back into the stands. And while he only came away with a small bruise on his head, Rob's ego is taking a slightly bigger hit.

"I'm a little embarrassed," he said. "Especially some of the comments are harsh. But it's all fun. I probably would have made the same comments if I saw someone else get hit by it."

"There's got to be an easier way to get a ball at a game," he said.

Rob says this is actually the third time he's gotten a ball at Fenway. Once when a player tossed one to him in the stands and another during batting practice.

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