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Red Sox-Cardinals World Series Game 3 Blog: Cardinals Win 5-4 On Obstruction Call In Bottom 9th

BOSTON (CBS) - Follow along for all the updates from Game 3 of the World Series!

Final -- Cardinals 5, Red Sox 4: OK, we're going to try to make some sense of this one.

The Cardinals win Game 3 off an obstruction call at third base. Jay hit into a fielder's choice to second as Pedroia gunned down Molina at home.

READ: Peavy Calls Obstruction Call 'An Absolute Joke'

But then things went crazy, once again, on a Boston throw to third. Salty fired it to Middlebrooks trying to get Craig, but the throw went wild and Craig and Middlebrooks collided. It didn't matter if Daniel Nava's throw beat Craig home, which it did, because Jim Joyce called Middlebrooks for obstruction.

Yes, that just happened. The Red Sox are now down 2-1 in the World Series because of an obstruction call.

Well, you can't just blame that call. Salty's throw wasn't great, but Middlebrooks could have made a play on it. And then there are all of John Farrell's questionable moves to be analyzed 10-times over.

The Walkoff: Making Sense Of Game 3 (Or Trying To)

There's a lot to digest from this one, but stick with us throughout the night for all the reaction and analysis.

Bottom 9th -- Cardinals 4, Red Sox 4: Craig didn't wait long, rocketing the first pitch he saw from Uehara for a double.

Cardinals have runners on second and third now with one out, and Jon Jay coming to the plate.

Bottom 9th -- Cardinals 4, Red Sox 4: Workman struck out Adams to start the bottom of the ninth, but now it's Koji Time after Molina singled to right-center.

That just makes Workman hitting in the top of the ninth even more confusing. John Farrell probably has a nice long explanation for it, but it's hard to make any sense out of it with Uehara coming in.

Pinch-hitter Allen Craig will get the first shot at Uehara.

Middle 9th -- Cardinals 4, Red Sox 4: Workman did indeed bat, and struck out on three pitches. Gotta wonder about that one...

If it makes him feel better, Will Middlebrooks stuck out on four pitches the batter before. It's hard to do anything against this Rosenthal kid (aside from those two runs the Sox got in the eight, of course). Jacoby Ellsbury grounded out to third to end the inning, as Boston goes 1-2-3.

It looks like Farrell is expecting a long game here tonight, otherwise it's hard to see why Mike Napoli didn't hit for Workman (especially after he pinch-hit for Doubront in the seventh).

Adams, Molina and Descalso will bat for the Cardinals in the bottom of the ninth.

End 8th -- Cardinals 4, Red Sox 4: And we can all breathe again. Workman gets Holliday to harmlessly fly out to end any threat by the Cardinals in the bottom of the eighth.

The speedy Kolton Wong stole second after he singled to right, but with first base open and Beltran at the plate with a 3-1 count, Workman gave him a free pass before retiring Holliday.

Nice work by Workman, working his way out of a jam. And believe it or not, he has a helmet on getting ready to bat second in the top of the ninth. We'll see if that sticks.

Bottom 8th -- Cardinals 4, Red Sox 4: You on the edge of your seat yet?

Matt Holliday is back up for the Cardinals with runners on first and second and two outs. Seems like he is always up when the Cardinals have a chance to do something.

Middle 8th -- Cardinals 4, Red Sox 4: It didn't take long for Xander Bogaerts to tie everything at 4-4, as he hits a high-chopper up the middle that Kozma couldn't handle. Victorino comes around to score to tie it all up at 4-4.

Solid night at the plate for Bogaerts, who is 2-for-4 with an RBI and run scored. His game-tying RBI should make up for that infield hit he can kinda, sorta be blamed for in the bottom of the seventh.

Salty grounded out to second on a check swing to end the inning, but the Sox are right back in this one. Incredible.

Brandon Workman is coming out to work the bottom of the eighth.

Top 8th -- Cardinals 4, Red Sox 3: Nava rocketed a sharp grounder to Kolten Wong, who was fresh in the game off of a double switch, and Wong made a nice plate to get Ortiz at second. But Kozma and the Cards couldn't pull off the double play, and Ellsbury comes in to score to make it a 4-3 Cardinals lead.

Top 8th -- Cardinals 4, Red Sox 2: Dustin Pedroia grounds out to short for the first out of the inning, but the runners were going on Martinez's 3-2 pitch and stay out of a double play.

But with first base open, Martinez gives Ortiz a free pass to put the go-ahead run on first base. The Sox now have the bases loaded with one out, but St. Louis closer Trevor Rosenthal is heading in for a five-out save.

It'll be up to Daniel Nava to get it done for Boston.

Top 8th -- Cardinals 4, Red Sox 2: Ellsbury didn't need to go, as Martinez plunks Victorino on a 1-2 pitch to give Boston two on and no out, and the heart of their order coming up.

That gives Victorino 11 HBP's this postseason, a new record. And this one was a legit HBP by Victorino too, not one of his patented leaning-over the plate HBPs.

Top 8th -- Cardinals 4, Red Sox 2: Ellsbury leads things off with a single to center off St. Louis fireballer Carlos Martinez.

The Sox need some offense, but with Martinez on the hill and Molina behind the plate, chances are we won't see Ellsbury going.

End 7th -- Cardinals 4, Red Sox 2: Jon Jay flies out with runners on the corners to end things in the seventh, but the Cardinals did their damage.

At least Boston had the top of the order coming up to start the eighth. The bad news is they have six outs to score two runs against a very good St. Louis bullpen.

Bottom 7th -- Cardinals 4, Red Sox 2: Matt Holliday delivers once again, this time with a two-run double down the left field line.

He now has three RBIs on the night and four for the series. Holliday moved to third on the throw at the plate, which was pretty unnecessary as Beltran scored easily. We'll see if that comes back to bite the Sox as the Cards now have a runner on third and no outs.

Both runs were charged to Breslow, who isn't having the best of times in this World Series.

Bottom 7th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 2: Do people want Stephen Drew back yet?

Matt Carpenter led things off with an infield single to short, as Bogaerts took a funny route to the ball and sidearmed it for Ortiz at first. Papi couldn't handle the low throw and Carpenter reached. You can say Drew makes that play, and go a step further by saying Mike Napoli makes the scoop at first. But the players that are in now didn't make the play, and it could cost the Sox.

Breslow followed that up by barely hitting Carlos Beltran on the hand, but the HBP gives St. Louis two on and no outs.

That was it for Breslow, as he leaves responsible for both runners. Junichi Tazawa comes in to try and clean up the mess.

Middle 7th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 2: Stephen Drew has found his way to the bench, as Will Middlebrooks pinch hit for him in the top of the seventh.

Saltalamacchia led things off with a strikeout his 19th in 37 at-bats this postseason, and Middlebrooks didn't wait around when he got his turn at the plate. He swung at the first pitch he saw from Kevin Siegrist, and popped out to shallow center.

Jonny Gomes then pinch-hit for Doubront, and also flew out to center.

Middlebrooks will now play third with Bogaerts sliding over to short. That should make a big chunk of Red Sox Nation happy. We'll see if they miss his glove late in a 2-2 game though.

Craig Breslow is now in for Boston to face the top of the Cardinals lineup. No doubt he's looking to make up for his throwing error in Game 2.

End 6th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 2: Was Doubront ready for the World Series or what?

He sets the Cards down in order in the bottom of the sixth, after Jay unsuccessfully tried to bunt his way on to lead things off. After Pedroia made a nice jump on the ball, it prompted Fox to compare his jump to Rafeal Nadals. I'm just as confused as everyone else...

Doubront then got back-to-back pop outs from Kozma and Shane Robinson to end the inning.

The bottom of the order is due up for Boston, so we'll see if Doubront gets to take a swing or two at the plate.

Middle 6th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 2: Bogaerts grounds into an inning-ending double play, but Boston ties everything up with a walk and two singles in the top of the sixth.

WBZ-TV's Dan Roche brings up a very good point via text: why doesn't Mike Matheny walk Ortiz every time he's up? Ortiz should get the Barry Bonds treatment with Nava batting behind him. Even if Nava hits a single, like he did, Ortiz is just too dangerous to pitch to.

What's even more baffling is why Matheny would bring a righty in to face Nava. I'm sure he'll hear about that one after this game.

And yes, I know everyone is jealous that I get to text with Rochie. It's not as glamorous as it sounds -- he can get kind of mean sometimes (but it's all in good fun!).

Top 6th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 2: And just like that we're all tied at two!

Nava comes through with an RBI single to left on the first pitch he sees from Maness, scoring Victorino.

Sox have runners on first and second now and still just one out.

Top 6th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 1: Ortiz wins the battle with Choate and sends Victorino to third with a single to right.

Sox have something going with runners on the corners and just one out. Rookie Seth Maness will take the hill for St. Louis, which is a bit of a head-scratcher. With a righty on the mound, Nava can now switch things up and bat left-handed -- which he prefers.

Top 6th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 1: Joe Kelly is out of the game, as the Red Sox have a runner on first and one out in the top of the sixth.

Shane Victorino led off the inning with his first walk in 56 postseason plate appearances. But David Freese made a nice grab on a screaming Pedroia liner down the third base line for the inning's first out.

In comes Randy Choate to face Ortiz in a big lefty-lefty showdown. Ortiz is 3-for-9 in his career against Choate with 3 RBIs.

End 5th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 1: Felix Doubront tossed a scoreless bottom of the fifth, working around a two-out double by Matt Adams.

After Adams' double, Farrell called for an intentional walk of Yadier Molina. The moved paid off, as Doubront got David Freese to fly out to right to end the inning.

Kelly is up to 77 pitches on the night for the Cards, so the Red Sox could use some grind-em-out at-bats with Victorino, Pedroia and Ortiz due up in the top of the sixth.

For a quick thought on home plate umpire Dana Demuth's strike zone, we send it to WBZ NewsRadio1030's Walt Perkins:

Middle 5th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 1: The Red Sox get on the board in the top of the fourth, but have to be feeling like they should have gotten more.

After Xander Bogaerts led off the inning with a triple, Salty walked on six pitches to give them runners on first and third with no outs. But Drew struck out, again, to make him 4-for-44 in the postseason.

Mike Carp hit for Jake Peavy, ending the pitcher's night, and drove in Boston's first run with an RBI fielder's choice to second.

Ellsbury struck out on a 96 mph fastball to end the inning, Kelly's sixth K of the night.

The Red Sox had Kelly on the ropes, but managed just one run. They're now 0-for-6 with runners in scoring position over the last 14 innings. I've supported Drew lately because of his solid defense, but now it's just plain silly watching him at the plate.

Felix Doubront will take over for Peavy, who allowed two runs off six hits over four innings.

End 4th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 0: Peavy once again had his way with the bottom of the Cards lineup and gets himself out of a bases-loaded, no outs jam.

After Jay's single, Peavy got Pete Kozma looking for the first out and his fourth K of the night. Then Kelly flew out to second (with the infield fly in effect), and Peavy got Carpenter to fly out harmlessly to short to end the threat.

No surprise, Peavy was pretty fired up after recording the final out. He's battling and has calmed down very well since his two-run first, now he just needs some support from the offense.

Molina was held at third on Jay's single up the middle, which could come back to hurt the Cards later in this one.

Bottom 4th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 0: Peavy is in trouble again as the Cards have the bases loaded and no outs in the bottom of the fourth.

Molina started the inning off with a bloop single to shallow center, and with Ellsbury playing very deep it fell between him and Pedroia. David Frees got behind 1-2 but worked a seven-pitch walk to put two-on and no outs.

Jon Jay followed with a single up the middle, and now the Cards have them loaded with no outs.

Middle 4th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 0: Ellsbury made it to second after Kelly pitched around David Ortiz, but didn't make it any further.

After Kelly got Victorino and Pedroia to fly out, he walked Ortiz on four pitches in one of the most obvious unintentional-intentional walks. Daniel Nava had a nice seven-pitch at-bat, but Kelly got him swinging at a changeup at his feet to end the inning.

Kelly is looking very good right now, so it will be important for the Sox to battle like Nava and get that pitch count up. It would be a lot better if they didn't swing at changeups in the dirt though.

Top 4th -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 0: Ellsbury singles off Carpenter at second and the Red Sox have their first hit and base-runner of the night!

Ellsbury has yet to attempt a steal this series, so we'll see if he tests Molina this time around.

End 3rd -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 0: If you thought Carlos Beltran's bunt in the first inning was a gift, Matt Holliday's base-running just one-upped him.

After Peavy started the inning by getting Beltran swinging at a 90 mph fastball, Holliday lifted a shallow fly into center. Ellsbury took his eye off the ball at the last second, and it hit off his glove. Holliday wasn't hustling down the line though, and made a half-hearted turn to second when he saw the ball was dropped. But Dustin Pedroia picked it up and made a nice throw behind Holliday to get him at first for the inning's second out.

Peavy ended the inning by striking out Matt Adams looking for his third K of the night. After that worrisome first inning, Peavy has calmed down nicely and has just 44 pitches through three innings now.

Middle 3rd -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 0:  Make that three straight 1-2-3 innings for the Boston lineup, as they go in order once again in the top of the third.

Saltalamacchia and Drew started the inning off with back-to-back K's, a sight we've become accustomed to from them. Drew struck out swinging on a bad curveball out of the zone, and is now 4-for-43 with 16 strikeouts this postseason.

Peavy swung at the first pitch he saw and grounded out to Carpenter at second. So one time through the lineup, and the Red Sox still haven't hit a ball out of the infield.

Kelly is throwing smoke, but we'll see if the Sox have some better at-bats the second time through the order.

End 2nd -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 0: Peavy has a nice and easy 1-2-3 inning of his own in the bottom of the second, getting Pete Kozma, Joe Kelly and Matt Carpenter in order.

Peavy needed just 10 pitches to retire the side, and this should be a much-needed confidence boost for him.

Middle 2nd -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 0: Another 1-2-3 inning for the Red Sox, as Kelly gets the side on just 11 pitches again.

This time it was three ground outs, with Ortiz leading things off with a soft grounder to first. Daniel Nava had some nice contact in his first career World Series at-bat, but Matt Carpenter made a Pedroia-like play to snag the ball up the middle and fire from his knees to get Nava at first.

Xander Bogaerts grounded out to short to end the inning, making it five straight groundouts for the Sox.

Now we'll see if Peavy has calmed down a bit.

End 1st -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 0: The Cards get to Peavy for two runs off four hits in the bottom of the first.

The bunt by Beltran may be the best thing to happen to the Sox, as Peavy was throwing some meatballs right down the plate in the first frame.

Peavy has now allowed 10 runs on 14 hits this postseason in 9.2 innings pitched. Ouch.

Bottom 1st -- Cardinals 2, Red Sox 0: The Cardinals have put two on the board against Peavy in the bottom of the first, and threatening for more.

Matt Holliday drove in Matt Carpenter with a one-out single to right field to put St. Louis on top 1-0. Peavy had Carpenter 1-2 to start the game, but the second baseman singled to right. He moved to second on a sac-bunt by Carlos Beltran (who was bunting for a base hit) and scored on Holliday's single.

Following another single to right off the bat of first baseman Matt Adams, Holliday scored on an RBI single to left by Yadier Molina.

This is the first time the Cards have scored in the first inning during the postseason, and there's already some stirring in the Boston bullpen. Felix Doubront is already warming up.

Middle 1st -- Red Sox 0, Cardinals 0: Kelly made quick work of the top of Boston's lineup, retiring Ellsbury, Victorino and Pedroia 1-2-3.

Ellsbury struck out looking on four pitches, Kelly made a nice barehanded grab on a comebacker by Victorino, and Pedroia grounded out to first to finish off Kelly's 11-pitch first inning.

Kelly threw 11 fastballs that inning, hitting 98 mph on the radar gun four times. All three Sox batters took the first pitch, and started off with an 0-1 count.

Now, Jake Peavy gets the first World Series start of his career. Over/under on the number of conversations he has with himself in the first is set at 12.

Top 1st -- Red Sox 0, Cardinals 0: And we're underway in St. Louis.

Jacoby Ellsbury is set to lead things off for Boston with Joe Kelly on the hill for the Cardinals. Lefties hit just .240 off Kelly in the regular season, but 20 of the 53 hits they got off him went for extra bases.

Pregame -- 7:56p.m.: Introductions are done, the anthem has been sung, and all that's left is to play some baseball.

Here's a fun Tweet from WBZ NewsRadio1030's Walt Perkins about the pregame ceremonies in St. Louis:

Pregame -- 6:50p.m.: Stephen Drew has just four hits this postseason and his batting average sits at .095, but is still starting because of his stellar defense at shortstop.

Manager John Farrell praised Drew's glove-work this postseason prior to Game 3, saying the shortstop has saved Boston a handful of runs.

"Defensively he's outstanding," Farrell said of Drew. "Much like we talked about with Mike Napoli, Stephen has been in a situation where he's saved us a number of runs.  He's anchored our defense on the infield.  He and Dustin work exceptionally well as a double‑play combination."

"Offensively he's had his struggles, there's no doubt about it," Farrell continued. "But as I've said a number of times as well in this situation, pitching and defense keeps you in games.  It gives you an opportunity to win some games late.  And the defense he provides is a premium to us.  And that's the best way I could sum it up for him."

Pregame -- 6:23p.m.: While many were calling for Mike Napoli to toss on the catcher's gear as the series shifts to St. Louis, the Sox first baseman was seen at another position during batting practice tonight.

Napoli took some grounder at third base ahead of Game 3, a position he's played just one game at way back in 2002 as a minor leaguer. According to CSNNE's Sean McAdam, Farrell said "not tonight" when asked if Napoli would be at the hot corner. But the Sox manager said it could be an option somewhere down the line, likely after a pinch-hit or double switch.

But one thing is certain: Napoli will not be behind the plate this series.

Pregame -- 5:30p.m.: Game 3 is less than three hours away, as the Red Sox look to bounce back from their Game 2 loss in Boston.

Things were looking good when David Ortiz hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the sixth to put the Red Sox on top 2-1, but the Cardinals got three runs in the seventh thanks to some poor defense by Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Craig Breslow.

The Red Sox went 0-for-17 with eight strikeouts following the Ortiz blast on Thursday night, and now have to deal with the fact there is no DH in the lineup for the next three games. Oritz will play first tonight, meaning Mike Napoli and his bat start the night on the bench. Daniel Nava will also start in his first World Series game, batting fifth and playing left field, with Jonny Gomes beginning his night off on the bench.

Here is the full Boston lineup for Game 3:

Jacoby Ellsbury, CF

Shane Victorino, RF

Dustin Pedroia, 2B

David Ortiz, 1B

Daniel Nava, LF

Xander Bogaerts, 3B

Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C

Stephen Drew, SS

Jake Peavy, SP

The bottom of the order could be a huge problem for the Red Sox, with Saltamacchia and Drew a combined 10-for-71 this postseason (.140 batting average). Just one of those 10 hits has gone for extra bases, and the hole at the bottom of the lineup gets even bigger now with the pitcher in the nine-spot.

Red Sox manager John Farrell spoke to the media just a short time ago, and said there was thought to going with David Ross over Saltalamacchia, but he wanted to remain consistent with a plan he had heading into the series. But Farrell did admit if Saltamacchia doesn't start hitting, a change may have to made.

"We know we've got five games remaining in this year, and if there needs to be a change or if there's a view that a change should be made, you know what? All things will be considered," said Farrell.

"We need to get Salty going," he said. "David Ross has swung the bat pretty darn good. But yeah, we need to get a couple guys going on our offense."

If Saltalamacchia has another hitless night at the plate, there's a very good chance we'll see Ross get the start in Game 4 -- and possibly beyond.

As for the Cardinals Game 3 starter, Joe Kelly, Drew and Victorino are the only two players that have any experience against him. Drew is 1-for-3 with a triple and a strikeout, while Victorino is 0-for-2 with a walk against the 25-year-old right-hander.

Kelly went 5-10 in the regular season, and is 0-1 with a 4.41 ERA in the playoffs. The Dodgers tagged him for four runs over five innings his last time out in Game 5 of the NLCS.


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