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Red Sox Reportedly Left $195,000 Tip After World Series Nightclub Celebration

BOSTON (CBS) -- When the team with the biggest payroll in baseball wins a world championship, a few dollars are going to end up getting thrown around in celebration.

Or, more accurately, a few hundred thousand dollars.

The 2018 Red Sox now find themselves joining the ranks of some of the hardest-partying world champions, at least in terms of money spent in their post-championship bash.

TMZ reported that the Red Sox racked up a $300,000 tab at a Los Angeles nightclub following their Game 5 World Series win on Sunday, and the website has now added that the team tacked on a $195,000 tip.

That's a whole lot of dough -- and that was just one of the Red Sox' parties. TMZ reported that the Red Sox had another big night out when they returned to Boston on Monday. TMZ said in a headline that the Boston celebration also cost $300,000.

If you're curious how a bar bill can climb to $300,000, TMZ laid it out: "48 bottles of Dom [Perignon]. 43 bottles of Ace of Spades. 60 bottles of Moet. 5 bottles of Veuve. 12 bottles of Perrier-Jouet. And, a bottle of Cristal for good measure. On top of that, the guys also got bottles of Don Julio, Belvedere vodka, 11 bottles of Jameson and 17 bottles of Jack Daniels. All of the booze plus the tax and other fees added up to around $300k. The tip was around $195k ... totaling an even $500,000 final bill."

As for who paid, TMZ just noted that "someone with the team handled the bill."

Winning sure is expensive these days.

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