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Red Cross Sending Blood Donations From Massachusetts To Replenish Supply In Kentucky

BOSTON (CBS) -- Several crews from Massachusetts are set to arrive in Kentucky on Monday to assist rescue and recovery efforts there after a devastating tornado this weekend.

The American Red Cross said one of the biggest ways to help victims is to donate blood.

More than 200 units of blood have already been sent from local Red Cross drives to hospitals that need it most.

According to the Red Cross, what is saving lives right now is the blood that was already on the shelves.

"It's such a fast thing, it's what do we have in stock, let's just get that to the hospitals and meet that need where it is. Then the second half of that, the back half of that is that the Red Cross is going out into the public and just reminding people that that blood supply has to be replenished," said Kelly Isenor of the American Red Cross.

Two people from Massachusetts Task Force 1, which specializes in rescue and recovery, are also already in Kentucky to help.

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