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Man Accused Of Killing 2 Doctors Claims It Was An Affair And Self-Defense

BOSTON (CBS) - The police audio recording of Bampumim Teixeira's hospital bed interview was played on Day 8 of his murder trial.

"Are you willing to talk with us about what happened last night?" Boston Police Sgt. Michael Devane said on the recording, made back in 2017.

"Yes sir," Teixeira said.

Thursday was the first time the jury heard Teixeira's voice in court.

"They brought me there," Teixeria said on the recording.

"They brought you there. What time did they bring you there?" Devane asked.

Teixeira was interviewed by Boston police while in the surgical ICU at Tufts Medical Center on May 6, 2017. He told Devane he was in the couple's South Boston penthouse the night before they were killed because he knew Lina Bolanos.

Teixeira is accused of stabbing Dr. Richard Field and his fiancee Dr. Lina Bolanos to death inside the penthouse.

Bampumim Teixeira
Bampumim Teixeira in Suffolk Superior Court November 21, 2019. (WBZ-TV)

During the interview, Teixeira speaks softly and almost whispers while answering the detectives questions. He asks several times about a bullet still inside him.

Teixeira said he knew Bolanos because he worked at the building. He claims she told him to sneak in.

"How did you sneak in? Devane asked on the recording.

"I went to the back door," Teixeira said.

Teixeira said he was inside the condo for several hours before it became crazy. He claimed Bolanos wasn't happy with Dr. Field.

Lina Bolanos Richard Field
Dr. Lina Bolaños and Dr. Richard Field. (WBZ-TV)

"She doesn't like the guy anymore?" Devane asked.

"Ya, but the guy has money," Teixeira said.

Teixeira told police that Field eventually came home and the two got into a struggle. He claims Field killed Bolanos in front of him then he killed Field in self defense after a struggle.

The jury will hear the rest of the recording tomorrow. After that, both the defense and prosecution will get to ask the Devane about his interview with the defendant.

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