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Daredevils Ignore Sledding Ban At Raynham Hill

RAYNHAM (CBS) - Raynham school officials are trying to stop daredevils from sledding down a dangerous hill.

Raynham sledding hill
The hill behind Raynham Middle School (CBS)

"There's nowhere else as good as this.  This is the biggest hill," explained a teenager who showed us the scrapes on his chin from a fall.

The trails on the hill behind Raynham Middle School lead right to a parking lot at the bottom. "It proceeds directly into an area where there are vehicles," said school committee member Gordon Luciano.

"We've had incidents where sleds are crashing into vehicles...numerous accidents, ambulance calls."

School officials even sent an email notifying residents that sledding has been banned in the popular spot.  That didn't stop a crowd from gathering there during a snow day Thursday.

WBZ-TV's Christina Hager reports in Raynham.

The Raynham Police Chief says his officers are patrolling the area, but can't be there all the time.

The school has ordered "no trespassing" signs, but crews have to wait until the ground thaws before they can install them.

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