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Raynham School Bus Driver Fired For Showing 'Lapse Of Judgment' After Crash

RAYNHAM (CBS) -- Parents, students, and school officials are still shaken the day after a school bus crashed into two trees.

"We do understand accidents may happen but really, the lapse of judgment, at that point, the driver really should have pulled over, called dispatch, called the police," said Assistant Superintendent Ryan Powers.

Police said Francelle Fleurine, 34, of Attleboro, was cited for leaving the scene of an accident. She has been fired.

Fleurine backed the bus into two trees on Locust Street Monday, shattering the back window, and continued to drive, according to police.

The bus had about 10 middle school students on board at the time. Fortunately, there were no injuries but the kids were still shaken up.

raynham school bus
Video captured children on a school bus screaming after a crash. (WBZ-TV)

Video from inside the bus shows the students screaming.

"My daughter even showed me the video, she was the one who videotaped everything," said Derrick Tolchinsky. "I was more angry than anything else. The common sense the driver should have stopped and pulled over and said 'Hey is everyone okay?' but from what my daughter was telling me she didn't even care she just kept driving and told the kids to sit down. I didn't hear anything, through the whole video that my daughter showed me the bus driver did not once say anything."

Grandparent Denise McLean said, "You put your children on these buses, thinking they are going to be okay, and then to have something like that happen it kind of rocks your boat."

Fleurine told police she had been running late at the time of the crash.

"Whether it was a minor situation, major situation, any situation, can be terrifying and upsetting to a student," said Powers. "So we obviously want to make sure that they're okay first and foremost but that their emotional well being is taken care of as well."

Assistant Superintendent Ryan Powers (WBZ-TV)

Powers said normal protocol when a crash happens is that the driver not only stops and calls the police, but a school official also responds to the scene to provide a "familiar face" for the kids.

On Tuesday, Powers and other school officials were meeting with the students that had been on the bus to check on them.

"We certainly never want our kids to be terrified to ride a bus."

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