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Good Samaritans Rush In To Help After SUV Crashes Into Raynham Motorcyclist

RAYNHAM (CBS) – Good Samaritans jumped into action when an SUV crashed into a motorcycle in Raynham Wednesday morning.

A 56-year-old Raynham man was seriously hurt in the crash on Route 138.

Those who work across from the intersection said a woman who told them she was driving directly behind that SUV said she saw the driver run through red light and hit the motorcycle.

"It was really scary if I had shown up a minute before I would have seen the whole thing happen," said Rachel Rose. "Just seeing him on the ground at that point there was no cops there was nothing we didn't know if he was alive or anything."

A motorcyclist was hit by an SUV at a Raynham intersection. (WBZ-TV)

At first Rose thought the man who was lying on the ground was a construction worker because he had a bright yellow shirt on. Then she saw the motorcycle.

"The lady who was in the car behind her came up to me all shaken up she said maybe it didn't register it was a red light or maybe she was distracted but she just went straight through and spun out. We could see him breathing from over here," said Rose.

Witnesses say the man was thrown several feet from where his motorcycle was hit.

They watched as the apparent driver of the white SUV and others stood around the man.

One of them, appearing to attempt CPR before first responders arrived and he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

"There's no doubt about it because they have no protection there's nothing around them there is probably the 100% probability that he got hurt very seriously," said Lorianna Dwyer, who works nearby.

An SUV involved in a Raynham crash. (WBZ-TV)

As police directed traffic around the intersection, some could only reflect on how dangerous it is.

"People do fly down this street," Rose said.

"It's really scary just knowing I don't even go through the intersection anymore I cut in through our little parking lot thing just to avoid it because people drive just so crazy something needs to be done," added Dwyer.

Witnesses say the man on the motorcycle was wearing a helmet. His condition is unknown at this time. Police are still investigating.

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