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Ray Hudson: Adolfo Is As Adept As A Three-Legged Giraffe On Roller Skates

BOSTON (CBS) - After many failed attempts, 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher & Rich show finally chatted with legendary soccer announcer Ray Hudson.

Miscommunication between the show and Hudson's PR staff led to numerous no-shows, so when the guys finally got him on Tuesday morning Fred called Hudson elusive, which he jokingly took offense to.

"Don't be calling me elusive! I've been waiting here as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs all morning waiting for you lads to call! I've been tenser than holding wigwams and I've been waiting like crazy where the hell have you been? Where the hell is Adolfo?" Hudson said to start the interview.

"We ask ourselves the same question everyday, Ray," said Wallach.

But more on Adolfo later.

Fred wanted to get into the World Cup right away, but Ray wanted to discuss "the World Series, Miguel Cabrera and my Detroit Tigers!"

If you follow Ray on Twitter you know he's a big fan of the Detroit sports team, and it all started when his dad began working for Ford. Hudson also credits Tom Selleck, a Detroit native, for his love of the city.

Don't hold it against him, Bruins fans, but during the Red Wings series Hudson was making fun of Brad Marchand, and when the Bruins advanced he kept rooting for their downfall.

"I had to root against you all the way down the line because you beat the Red Wings. You've got to be loyal," said Hudson.

Hudson does all his European soccer broadcasts in a booth right here in the states for beIN Sports in Miami, which has its ups and downs.

"It's miraculous of course but it takes away. I'd love to be in and amongst the atmosphere and everything," said Hudson.

Speaking of soccer, there's a big international friendly coming up between Mexico and Portugal and it'll be right here in our backyard at Gillette Stadium. Players left and right, including Italy's Riccardo Montolivo and others, have gotten injured leading up to the World Cup and these friendlies present a certain level of risk.

"It's just unfortunate. It just happens you know. You never see any broken legs in hockey do you? I think that game is a bit overrated for being a hard man's game," joked Hudson.

After discussing his love for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Hudson turned his attention to Team USA and head coach Jurgen Klinsmann for leaving Landon Donovan off the roster.

"I was outraged. I think a majority of people couldn't comprehend how the inspiration and the best player the United States has produced so far was excluded. He's not an incendiary player. He's a choir boy type of a footballer, but he's a killer. He's got that fierce everybody loves. He's always produced the goods under severe pressure for the United States, and he has been the iconic player of the age in this country.

"He's still at the plateau of his career. He's still a wonderful, wonderful player. Klinsmann has been strong and says they don't need him. He's putting the pressure on himself and the other players to raise their game now against Ghana in the first game, and then against Germany and Portugal -- an enormous task.

"I don't understand how he was excluded. It's incomprehensible to me. Just having him around in the locker room, when you're in the trenches and the bullets are flying over your head, you look across and you see a fierce like Landon Donovan catching bullets in his teeth. That part of it is so vital."

The guys then played some audio of Adolfo doing play-by-play announcing and asked Hudson for a critique.

"Horrific. An insult to my profession! I would not poison my mouth even describing Adolfo. Talk about a verbal gymnast! I mean, that poor lad. He was as adept with his verbals as a three-legged giraffe on roller skates let me tell you! Adolfo just stick with your button pushing, pal. Keep away from the microphone! KEEP AWAY FROM THE MICROPHONE Adolfo!"

Hudson, an avid hockey fan, also gave his prediction for the Stanley Cup Finals and much more.

Listen below for the full interview:

Ray Hudson Interview


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