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Ravens Fans By The Dozens Defend Ray Rice On Twitter

BOSTON (CBS) - Nationwide outrage is being voiced in every medium possible after the NFL announced it would be suspending Ravens running back Ray Rice just two games for hitting his then-fiancee Janay in an Atlantic City casino elevator.

Commissioner Roger Goodell -- besides Rice himself of course -- has drawn the most criticism, for handing out a lenient suspension and an exposed hypocrisy in stronger discipline for lesser crimes.

Most would agree that a two-game suspension and getting fined three game checks is a punishment that does not fit the crime, especially considering other NFL players are facing year-long removals for failed drug tests.

However, there's a strong contingent of Ravens fans on Twitter that believe the punishment is just and that the rest of us should just let it go and leave Rice alone.

A simple advanced Twitter search of "Ray Rice" in the Baltimore area finds some pretty disgusting tweets. It should be noted that most of the tweets from the aforementioned search admonished Rice and the NFL, and that a small group of people in no way represent an entire fan base.

WARNING: Some of these tweets are NSFW and contain graphic language:

"Most called it fair"

According to Chris here, who claims to be from Baltimore and frequently tweets about Baltimore sports teams, hitting a woman and smoking weed are one in the same:

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.00

Ms. White here, who through a quick check of her timeline is a #RavensNation diehard, thinks it's time to move on and leave the poor guy alone:

Mikey, also from Baltimore and loves "MMA, Orioles, Ravens, Boxing" in that order, says Janay is also to blame for her assault:

More victim blaming:

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.03

One more sound piece of reasoning from our friend Mikey:

Lay off alright? Everyone makes mistakes:

All is forgiven for this young lady:

Guys, it was Ray Rice's first time. Cut him some slack!

As long as the suspension doesn't hurt the team, God forbid:

Playing running back in the NFL + hitting your wife = 2 different things:

Mad? Go cry about it:

These tweets clearly show a passionate but unrepresentative group of Ravens supporters, and prove once again that sports fans can be very unreasonable.


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