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Rare Photo Of Lizzie Borden's Home Displayed At Fall River Historical Society

FALL RIVER (CBS) - For the 122nd anniversary of the Borden murders, a rare photograph taken inside the Fall River home of Lizzie Borden will be on display at the city's Historical Society.

Borden was acquitted of the ax murders of her stepmother and father. Afterward, Borden lived with her sister, Emma, in the house.

Curator Michael Martins said the picture is an original and is one of only two known photos shot at the French Street home.

"The photograph was acquired recently by the museum and it dates back to 1899. It was a photo that Lizzie had done professionally," said Martins.

It was acquired through a descendant of Ida Carlson, Borden's friend and personal maid.

According to Martins, people have wondered for years what the interior of the house looked like.

"Obviously, I can't get into exactly what it depicts because we are hoping people will come down to see it. But it's an interesting image because it does give us the first glimpse into the interior of that house," he told WBZ.

Although Borden is not portrayed in the photograph, Martins said there is something particularly significant to Borden in the photo.

"It's actually a portrait photograph of something that Lizzie was very fond of. And in the background of this image, you can see a room setting," said Martins.

There will be several other items that will be making a debut today.

There will be additional photographs of people closely associated with the Borden family who have been known in name only and correspondents of Emma Borden and Andrew Borden.

"It's another piece in the puzzle and it's an amazing image," said Martins.


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