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Randolph Officials Upset With Snow Dumping

RANDOLPH (CBS) -- "They were taking the front end loader and pushing it as far back as they could; you can see the snapped trees," said Randolph Selectman Jim Burgess.

Snapped trees and piles of snow fall into protected wetlands. Some is tainted with hydraulic oil. There are massive mounds of snow from South Boston.

So how did it all end up behind a bakery on Main Street in Randolph?

WBZ-TV's Kathy Curran reports.

Town officials say more than 75 truckloads of snow from Southie were dumped behind the All Can Eat Bakery. They say Andre Summers, one of the bakery owners who is a tenant, gave a South Boston property manager permission to haul it there.

WBZ-TV's Kathy Curran tried to speak with Summers, he had no comment.

Burgess said, "Our main concern was the area it was going into was a protected wetland area, and because the wetland actually feeds into the drinking water supply for three towns: Randolph, Holbrook and Braintree.

Randolph Snow Dumping
Truckloads of snow were dumped here in Randolph.

Bales of hay surround the piles to try and prevent contaminants from escaping the melting snow. Town officials say hydraulic fluid spilled from one of the trucks during the illegal operation. They're holding the Boston property manager, FRC Ventures, the contractors, and the bakery owner responsible.

"Not happy at all," said Theresa Pierce; those wetlands are in her backyard. She's worried about contamination and flooding when this thaws. "I think it's disgusting, they need to get over there and clean it up."

Burgess added, "I'm disappointed that someone would think they can come to the suburbs and unload contaminated snow in Randolph and our wetlands."

The owner of the trucking company says they had no idea there were wetlands in the area, and says his crews were doing what they were instructed to do. The South Boston property manager from FRC Ventures who moved the snow didn't return our calls.

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