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Rams Release New Jerseys ... That Look Nearly Identical To Chargers Jerseys

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- There's nothing quite as embarrassing as showing up to a party, only to find somebody else is wearing the same outfit you're wearing and looks better wearing it.

The Los Angeles Rams can now relate.

The Rams were the NFL's final team to release new jerseys this offseason. After the new logo comically flopped earlier this offseason, fans were excited to see what the Rams had cooking.

Here's what they came up with:

The jerseys are fine, right? Twitter complained because that's what Twitter does. Nothing good has ever happened on Twitter. That's just science. But those blue and yellow looks were popular before, and though they're a little different now, the general look works. It's fine. It's a sports jersey. Nothing to go bananas about, folks.

Except ... well, except for the fact that it will not be very easy to immediately tell whether it's the Rams or the Chargers on the football field ...


Is it the end of the world? No, not really. Is it funny? Of course it is. Unless you're a RedZone viewer. RedZone viewers are going to be CONFUSED.

In any event, the next time that they release new jerseys, Los Angeles' two football teams are going to need to communicate beforehand. They already share a stadium; sharing jerseys seems entirely unnecessary.

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