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Rajon Rondo On Toucher & Rich: Stories Will Always Come Out, No Matter What

BOSTON (CBS) - Rajon Rondo, the Celtics' lone star this season, sat down with Rich Shertenlieb at Celtics media day.

The point guard suffered a broken finger last week after falling in the shower, though rumors have surfaced that perhaps he suffered the injury at a trampoline park. Rondo tackled these rumors head-on.

Rondo said he twice went to a trampoline park last week -- first on Tuesday, when he jumped, "did some new tricks, did flips a little bit" and again on Thursday, when he just watched his kids bounce around. Thursday's trip came after he made some self-described highlight-reel plays in the Celtics' softball game, which should put to bed the idea that he suffered the injury jumping in a trampoline park.

Rondo said the recovery timetable is six to eight weeks, but he is optimistic he can return earlier than that.

"I'll be back in no time," he said. "I'm aiming pretty close right at November and hopefully October."

Rich brought up an old Sports Illustrated article which said Rondo showers five times on game days.

"That's correct," Rondo said. "I'm pretty OCD, that's why I actually took a shower in the first place that night at that particular time."

Why so many showers?

"That's my best thinking time," he said. "I think the best -- I'm going to try to invent something that you can use to write in the shower that's waterproof."

As for the perpetual state of trade rumors that surround him, Rondo said he's been around long enough to know that they're going to exist no matter what.

"I am amazed, because I haven't said not one word to anybody," Rondo said. "Stories are going to come out, rumors are going to happen. The story of me wanting out of Boston, I was actually in China.

"It wasn't much, because I had just got back from China. I was trying to get back to a regular time one. ... I was still off. It got a lot of buzz around town or around the nation, but I didn't make much of it."

Rondo said he remains in constant communication with Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens, and for as much as the prospect of free agency excites him, he knows what could serve as selling points for free agents to choose Boston.

"The fans, loyalty, there's nothing like it. The playoffs are amazing. No other playoff arena can touch Boston," Rondo said. "The years we were winning, when we had it rolling ... it's electrifying and it's something to be a part of. And on top of that, I think no other city has the parades that we have."

Listen to the entire interview below:


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